The RCAT Network, through its many speaking engagements with clubs, has amassed a collection of presentations available for club to use for education and inspiration.  Please feel free to download any of these or simply look at them on the site.  If a particular presentation fits your needs, sign up to have one of our Club Presenters give it live to your club.  Or use it to help your Action Team fine tune areas of interest.

National Academy of Science 2020 Report

The Academy provides an exhaustive look at the climate crisis for those who want to know the details of what is happening in our world.  This important report makes the crisis somewhat more understandable through analysis and charts. 2020 National Academy of Science Climate Report

Club Presentation by Alan Anderson

Presented to a club in the fall of 2020

Club Presentation: Crisis and Rotary

Crisis & Rotary

Club Presentation: Crisis and 7th Area of Focus

Crisis & Rotary 7th Area – 10 Min

Club Presentation: 7th Area of Focus

Rotary 7th Area of Focus

Club Presentation: Create a Climate Action Team

Create Climate Action Team

Club Presentation: Economics of Shift to Renewables

Economics of Climate Crisis

Club Presentation: Climate Crisis and Solutions

Crisis & Solutions

Club Presentation: Climate Crisis Overview

Climate Crisis Overview

Personalized Club Presentations


Carl Sagan: Our Planet

Club Presentation: Project Drawdown Solutions

Drawdown: Climate change solutions by ranking and economic impact to 2050 Crisis & Drawdown Solutions