Every month, the RCAT Network offers a special network-wide forum with a renowned speaker addressing issues critical to member clubs and Rotary Action Teams. Each of these talks is recorded and archived for your enjoyment here in our Forum Library.  Please feel free to watch or download these talks for yourself or your club. Please note that the Forum is currently on pause.

Steve Bender on Rotary’s People of Action Summits and the 4-7-8-17 Global Service Program

The 7/28/22 session of the Rotary Climate Action Team (RCAT) Network’s Climate Conversations forum featured speaker Steve Bender, the Charter President of the Rotary Club of Newport Beach, who discussed the upcoming People of Action Summit on Water, and the 4-7-8-17 Global Service Program.   The People of Action Summits will provide an in-person and…

Breaking Down the 2022 IPCC Report with Dr. Karl Hausker

The 5/26/22 session of the Rotary Climate Action Team (RCAT) Network’s Climate Conversations forum featured speaker Dr. Karl Hausker, Senior Climate Fellow of the World Resources Institute, who discussed the recent IPCC report.   Dr. Hausker has co-authored an article titled “6 Takeaways from the 2022 IPCC Climate Mitigation Report” and shared his valuable knowledge…

RCAT Network and Global Climate Pledge Leaders

In light of the recently released IPCC report, we know the necessity of addressing climate change is more urgent than ever. Climate action is needed in all sectors of society if we are to keep global warming to no more than +1.5 degrees (C) as advocated by the climate scientist community. To do their parts,…

Nathan Cogswell WRI on Cooperations Amongst Nations to Address Climate Crisis

Cooperation between countries is central to addressing the climate crisis.  Despite concerns about the results from COP26 in Glasgow, it is critical that climate advocates understand how global cooperation has arrived at this point and how it will influence immediate future climate actions. To understand the complexity of the issue, this Forum will provide an…

Getting to Net Zero – Dr Hausker’s Presentation Deck January 20, 2022

Provided by Dr Hausker to RCAT/GCP Network participants.WRI_Hausker – Rotary CAT Jan2022 v2

Dr Karl Hausker: Getting to Net Zero

Getting to Net Zero. A presentation by Dr Karl Hausker to the RCAT/GCP Network on January 20, 2022.

COP26 Panel Discussion December 16, 2021

RCAT Network’s Global Forum for December was a panel discussion of the results of COP26 with Karen Kendrick-Hands, ESRAG/Rotary Representative, and Rick Wayman, Representing the Foundation for Climate Restoration. The panel was moderated by Gary H. White, RCAT Network Leadership and Climate Reality Project Leader.

Climate Tipping Points

Dr James Rising shares his research on the critical climate tipping points that have developed and threaten our natural world.

Climigration and Impact on American Cities

This video has been removed at the request of Dr Keenan.  We suggest viewing his discussion of climate migration with other professionals in the YouTube video “Moving to Higher Ground”.

Plant-Rich Diet and the Climate Crisis

What we choose to eat has an enormous impact on planetary health.  The IPCC’s recently-released report made clear that either we pull out ALL of the stops and drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions everywhere we can NOW (especially methane), or we accept responsibility for causing a climate catastrophe and bequeathing to our kids and grandkids a…

Circular Economy – Emily Olson

This talk focuses on breakthrough business models for circular economy — specifically how the circular economy is built on the principle that the life cycles of materials and resources can be preserved, extended, and ultimately given back to the supply chain once their original intended purpose has been served. Click HERE to access the video

Forum – Citizens Climate Lobby

July 2021 presentation by CCL on its approach to legislation and regulation.

Ann Hayden: Climate Change and Water: Challenges and Opportunities

Ann Hayden, EDF Director Climate Change and Water: Challenges and Opportunities Presented at the RCAT Network Forum June 17, 2021 California water is now traded in Chicago as a commodity.  With the advent of the climate crisis, this may well become a norm around the world.  3% of the planets water is drinkable and the…

Energize San Mateo Project – May 20, 2021

Rick Raybin, RC San Mateo Our target is to build a sustainable economic environment by introducing clean energy with employment opportunities that support the community while addressing inequalities regarding access to sound climate practices.  The project has engaged well over a dozen governmental, educational, business and non-profit entities to build awareness and provide resources.  This…

EV Charging Stations Project – May 20, 2021

Alan Anderson and Rick Estenson, RC Northfield MN The Rotary Club of Northfield, Minnesota, started a Rotary Climate Action Team in 2017, after our club made climate action one of its top 5 priorities, in a new long range plan. Besides working to educate our club members, we also wanted to do a Rotary project that…

Rebuilding Panamanian coral reefs Project – May 20, 2021

Steve Bender, RC Newport Beach CA Our coastal sinks – kelp, coral and wetlands – provide significant carbon sequestration solutions that can help restore balance in our climate challenged world.  A group of Rotarians have taken on rebuilding coral reefs off the coast of Panama.  This is the kind of project that makes a dramatic…

Lisa Altieri: Understanding Your Carbon Footprint

Lisa Altieri is founder and CEO of Climate Solutions Net and creator of the extremely successful WeRenew.net carbon footprint assessment platform.  CSN’s web application makes it simple, easy and fun to learn about solutions and take actions including resources and progress tracking, and then connects users to work together and share ideas and resources. Lisa…

Dr Silver Forum Presentation

Dr. Whendee Silver on March 18, 2021 presentation: Recapturing Wasted Carbon for Climate Change Mitigation

Carleen Cullen – Driving Electric – February 18, 2021

Carleen Cullen spoke on Driving Electric: How to Activate Your Community

Rob Verchick – Economics of the Climate Crisis – December 17, 2020

Dr. Karina Nielsen – Blue Carbon – November 19, 2020

An RCAT Presentation on Ocean Climate Connections and Blue Solutions

Dr Elizabeth Bagley – Project Drawdown – October 15, 2020

Dr Bagley spoke on October 15, 2020 about Project Drawdown and solutions to the climate crisis.

Dr Andrew Gunther – The Climate Crisis – September 17, 2020

Dr Andrew Gunther presented as part of the RCAT Network Global Speakers Forum on Thursday September 17, 2020. Here is his presentation, including questions.