Browse a variety of projects, both those created through collaboration between the RCAT Network and Global Climate Pledge, and those uploaded by Rotary clubs from around the world.

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Rotary Member Project Uploads

7 Focus Areas for 7th Area of Focus-Environment

It is a program in Borneo/Indonesia.
Goals: Rescue animals, protect forest, support the locals.


It is a program in Borneo/Indonesia.
Goals: Rescue animals, protect forest, support the locals.

Tree Planting

We planted 16 trees in a park. Our Rotarians enjoyed it so much we are making it an annual event.

Environmentally Friendly Beautification Project at the Palms Geriatric Home

On Sunday, October 10, 2021,the Rotary Club of Georgetown along with IICA planted 175 plants.

Agriculture 5.0

Digital irrigation demo presentation area. Please watch.

Stormwater Drain Medallion Installation

25 Rotarians joined forces with City of Novato to protect SF Bay from dumping & pollution

Plant trees at College of Marin Indian Valley

4 Rotary Clubs & the College of Marin’s master gardener planted 57 Oak trees on campus. 

Plant trees at College of Marin Indian Valley

4 Rotary Clubs & the College of Marin’s master gardener planted 57 Oak trees on campus.


Protect remaining rainforest, animals like Orangutan, local community of Dajaks.

Rueda con Rotary

Rueda con Rotary(Ride with Rotary) promotes the use of bicycles as a means of everyday transport

Promotion of sustainable energy consumption for environment safeguarding

The project will reduce the number of people who use wood for cooking or other energy-related things

Keep It Cool Keep It Fresh Refrigeration Project

A cold storage refrigeration project to aid local farmers who practice regenerative agriculture.

Restoring the Ecosystem in Rivers state

The project will contribute to restoring the ecosystem through public education and Tree Planting.

Sustainable Botanical Garden – Ojodu Junior Grammar School

We embarked on sustainable Botanical Garden to protect the environment and for academic reasons

CO2 EASY Sustainable Event Planning

NET ZER0 HEROES, 6 grade 11 students at Our Lady of The Snows Catholic Academy

A healthier planet

A mainstream Rotarians contribution to a healthier planet

Maveshi Decent work and economic growth

Part 2 of maveshi-project: RC POONA with Watershed Organisation Trust

Maveshi Zero Hunger

Part 3 of maveshi project: RC POONA with Watershed Organisation Trust

International Reforestation Initiative

Plant 1,500 trees and plan to coordiante with other clubs to do even more

Rotarians for Bees

Bees support our pollinators so that they can help nature fix the planet

Planting Native Trees

Clubs, Interact, Rotaract and others, planting native 1M trees

Helping Save Biscayne Bay from the Brink

Restoration of Biscayne Bay


Educational, Environmental movie every 4th Saturday of each month from 7-9 pm PST on Zoom

Quarantine Planting and FRESH Projects by RCSPS

“QUARANPLANT: Nurture Your Own Garden” during the quarantine and beyond

Treeplanting action in metropole Ruhr, Germany

Clearing and Tree Planting

One Tree at a Time

Remove invasive English ivy from the trees in our parks and green spaces, saving one tree at a time!

My small step to help fix the planet

Reducing plastic use iin my life, including Rotary – refusing single-use plastics

Inspire to Change

Train from Amsterdam to Paris

ESRAG Plant Rich Diet Challenge

Join us for the first annual Global 30-Day Plant Rich Diet Challenge

Snow 2021

This small film shows my feeling for nature .

Connect with Nature

By reconnecting to nature we becomes more willing to care about climate change and biodiversity.

Mississippi River Project

Film: removing a plastic bottle from river vs flow to Gulf of Mexico

Connect to Nature and make your voice heard

Connect to Nature, support pollinators and make your voice heard

Solar Cooker

Solar cooking eliminates fossil fuel, pasteurizes water, reduces lung disease

Trees, Trails, a Nature Centre, Observatory and Planetarium

100-acre Rotary Forest becoming hub for environmental education

My Urban Nano Forest

Creating nano forest in my garden to absorb CO2 & filter the air

One Million Trees for Mali

Collaborate with SchoolNetMali-Mokoya Juru, Id Sahel, govt to plant trees

Creating NextGen Ecoleaders

Teaching children Reduce/Reuse/Recycle for a better, sustainable planet

World Clean Up Day

Coming together on the occasion of the World Clean Up Day

A Tree for Every Child

We plant a tree for every child

Tackling pollution in our waterways and streets

Planting trees, beach cleanups, picking up litter, encouraging beehives

Clean Cities

Cleaner cities, cheaper electricity are possible with specially shaped buildings & new technologies

Inspiring the Next Generation

Working with local schools to improve our environment and bio-diversity

Northfield EV Charging Station

Install a charging station in downtown Northfield