COP26 Panel Discussion December 16, 2021

RCAT Network’s Global Forum for December was a panel discussion of the results of COP26 with Karen Kendrick-Hands, ESRAG/Rotary Representative, and Rick Wayman, Representing the Foundation for Climate Restoration. The panel was moderated by Gary H. White, RCAT Network Leadership and Climate Reality Project Leader.

RCAT Corner September 2021

Rotary Friends, This is the September 2021 Climate Update.  The Corner has been irregular for the past few months amidst all the climate news and RCAT activities.  We will endeavor to be more regular with importance articles and news updates. Climate in the News: New IPCC report is the most urgent ever on need for action…

Plant-Rich Diet and the Climate Crisis

What we choose to eat has an enormous impact on planetary health.  The IPCC’s recently-released report made clear that either we pull out ALL of the stops and drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions everywhere we can NOW (especially methane), or we accept responsibility for causing a climate catastrophe and bequeathing to our kids and grandkids a…

Circular Economy – Emily Olson

This talk focuses on breakthrough business models for circular economy — specifically how the circular economy is built on the principle that the life cycles of materials and resources can be preserved, extended, and ultimately given back to the supply chain once their original intended purpose has been served. Click HERE to access the video

RCAT Corner – June 2021

12 climate change documentaries and series that will give you an up-close look — and some solutions Sourced by Michael Svoboda, June 24, 2021 Overviews: An introduction to climate change and the challenges it poses to humanity Years of Living Dangerously, 2014, directed by Joel Bach (Currently available on Amazon, The Years Project, SlingTV,…